Innovative Logistics Project Management

Gdańsk School of Banking

Growing competition forces Polish entrepreneurs to look for better efficiency, including by implementing novel logistics concepts. Together in the growing role of logistics management, there has been a rise in the demand for logistic specialists. The course aims to provide the knowledge necessary to coherently manage innovative logistics projects based on practical economic experience. The course teaches the latest logistics management techniques and tools, procedure methodology and taking practical advantage of EU funding in the management of innovative logistics projects. Graduates will have acquired practical skills in using innovative logistics project implementation methods, time, cost, quality, risk, human resources and material resources management in carrying out a team project to implement innovation in logistics. Learning about the issue of using EU support for project financing and the issues of securing funding from the relevant EU programmes and funds is yet another asset of this course. This course is directed to managers, logistics managers and managers from similar trades, economic organisers, academics and other who are interested in introducing innovation to broadly understood logistics processes in their line of work.


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