Financial Analyst

Gdańsk School of Banking

Financial analysis provides the information necessary to correctly assess an entity’s situation and to take economic decisions. It enables the monitoring of the achievement of assumed goals, an assessment of the use of the resources at hand and to streamline the unit’s operation. The aim of the course is to professionally train students for work as financial analysts in enterprises, banks, leasing and insurance companies. The course’s curriculum intends to provide students with practical skills in such subjects as analysis, management accounting, controlling and appraisal, which in combination with quantitative methods enable the independent taking of specialist decisions related to the analysis and assessment of projects underway and to budget preparation. The course is directed to entrepreneurs and managers, persons working on their own and executives who lead teams, low- and mid-level executives and to the staff of ban analytical departments, financial and accountancy departments and investment departments. The teaching staff includes professionals from consulting firms, legal firms and expert auditors. The curriculum include workshop classes with computers and case studies.


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