Enterprise Financial Management

Gdańsk School of Banking

Enterprise financial management should be subject to the overriding strategic goal, i.e. maximising the value of the enterprise, by developing the appropriate sources of financing (capital) and investing them in the right assets. The aim of the course is for students to acquire the practical skills and knowledge to work in specialist and/or executive positions in the financial and financial and accounting departments of enterprises, leasing and insurance firms. The course provides professional training in implementing new solutions in shaping the structure of capital and the appropriate level of net working capital, enterprise appraisal, use of financial engineering, investment project assessment, developing financial plans, financial report analyses using all the available tax strategies and risk analysis. The course is directed to persons with a good command of economics and basic accounting who work in financial departments (managers, directors, financial specialists), accounting (including in audit departments and management accounting) or in other areas related to enterprise finances (e.g. analytical departments), as well as to the owners of small- and medium-sized enterprises who wish to raise their qualifications and learn new skills.


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