Crisis Management

Gdańsk School of Banking

This Crisis Management Post-Graduate Studies course was developed to comprehensively train personnel in national crisis management in crisis situations at all levels of state and local administration. Students acquire knowledge about providing protection of human life and health and safeguarding the environment. The training of students for a career in crisis management covers the entirety of issues related to the prevention of crisis events (preventive action), issues during crisis events (counteraction and rescue), and after crisis events (repair of damage), mainly for the purpose of state and local government administration and the institutions and entities dealing with national security (including the army and state services). Graduation gives the opportunity to work as an official in local government bodies (municipal offices, poviat authorities, marshal’s and voivodship offices) and in their crisis management agencies. This post-graduate course provides students the opportunity to raise the crisis management competence. The course is directed to college graduates in every subject, type and level who want to acquire and broaden their knowledge of crisis management. This post-graduate studies course is directed to persons with college degrees who deal with crisis management in public administration and in the non-public sectors or are preparing deal with these matters.


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