Computer Science in Small Business

Gdańsk School of Banking

The dynamic development of information technologies has changed the way business is run. IT tools are used to buy and sell, exchange information, settle accounts and look for suppliers. They are also an excellent means of virtual training, reporting and collaboration between staff. In short, IT serves to build a competitive advantage and increase efficiency. This course provides professional theoretical knowledge about practically all the domains of IT used in today’s business and the skills to use the technology with software by such leading IT corporations as Microsoft, Oracle and CISCO, as well as freeware available within the GNU project. The technologies taught during the course concern the basic issues related to the functioning of operating systems, the architecture and security of computer networks and services available in networks and the design and maintenance of databases. Furthermore, we present examples of the implementation of the concepts we teach with the use of the most common software used in business. As an added value we offer students the opportunity to obtain the following certificates, which are prized in the job market: • Microsoft - ITA 107 Operating Systems, • Cisco - Network Fundamentals, • Cisco - Routing Protocols and Concepts. • Oracle - Oracle Database 10g Introduction to SQL The course is directed to college graduates of any subject and speciality who possess at least basic-level IT skills. The course is both for company-employed IT specialists who which to broaden and update their knowledge and for persons who work in other fields and use IT every day. The course is an interesting offer for all staff whose goal is to acquire the knowledge and skills to enable the fuller use of today’s IT in their professional work.


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