Computer Graphic Design and Multimedia

Gdańsk School of Banking

Computer Graphic Design is a field of IT that is vital in the making of visual materials, such as: catalogues, pamphlets, advertisements and multimedia presentations. The course will provide development opportunities not only for the employees of graphic design companies, but also will help persons who are not in that trade to carry out their ideas. The course aims to train specialists dealing with the making of graphic designs, design of advertising material and multimedia visualisations and the development of elements of visual identity, as well as professionals in preparing and processing of all kinds of materials for Desktop Publishing (DTP), and the preparing of video materials for various purposes, from the internet to television broadcast. The course deals with general graphic art and multimedia, 3D modelling and the teaching of the skills to operate multimedia equipment. Furthermore, the curriculum includes such issues as: website design, digital photography, video, applied graphic design and developing a company’s visual identity. In order to acquire practical skills, the students will carry out projects in groups. This course is directed to persons who want to broaden their knowledge of multimedia. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of skills in the multimedia development of a corporate image, digital photography and the preparation of video materials for various purposes (internet, television). The course is an interesting offer for all those whose goal is to acquire knowledge and skills to more fully take advantage of cutting-edge IT in their professional work.


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