Coaching Academy

Gdańsk School of Banking

Those who have significant achievements in various fields, such as business, politics, even sport, regularly work with their coaches who help them achieve their goals and the best of their potential. The key to understanding the essence of coaching is to know how to make others work more effectively. And this is what you can learn at our Coaching Academy at the Gdańsk School of Banking. The aim of the course is to provide the students with practical training to run professional business and life coaching in organisations, institutions, companies and corporations. During the course, the students have the opportunity to develop the approach of a professional coach. They learn to build relationships which support the personal and professional growth of the persons they are to coach; they learn how to run coaching sessions and acquire the ability to use coaching methods and tools. The curriculum takes the current standards concerning coaching competence in Poland and throughout the world into account. The curriculum is 80 % workshops and training. Classes are focused on practical solutions. Students will have the opportunity to independently run supervised coaching sessions. This course is directed to executives and managers who want to stimulate the personal development and increase the motivation of their staff; business owners; corporate team leaders; business consultants; trainers and consultants; sports coaches; persons providing aid to others and persons who plan on working as professional coaches. Every graduate receives a certificate to confirm their taking part in the 60 hours of classes required to take an exam to become an Associated Certified Coach (ACC).


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