Business Psychology with a Certificate from Franklin University

Gdańsk School of Banking

A manager who knows business psychology understands the various mechanisms that determine human behaviour, knows the psychological aspects of management and investment. Graduates have trained effective negotiation and mediation tactics, can identify typical consumer behaviours and know the secrets of advertising psychology. The aim of the course is to provide broad and practical knowledge about psychology and its use in management, marketing and broadly conceived business, starting from building the company’s strategy, through the carrying out of measures to networking and developing customer groups. Graduates have learnt psychological tools, trained effective negotiation and mediation tactics, learnt to identify typical consumer behaviours and know the secrets of advertising psychology. The course will enable students to raise their competence in managing themselves and their team, implementing selected elements of HR policy in their organisation, to handle conflict and psychomanipulation. By exercising communication, presentation and public speaking the course develops the students’ interpersonal skills, which are so sought-after in today’s managers. The course is directed to managers who are active in business, whose job entails working with people, both directing them and working with them without subordination. The curriculum targets young, less-experienced businesspeople who, by enhancing their abilities in psychology, want to improve their standing in the job market. Part of the specialist subjects are taught according to the American “learning on courses” methodology, which focuses on interaction and the students achieving immediate results. Classes are held in Polish, and their completion enables the students to obtain a prestigious Franklin University certificate confirming their acquisition of knowledge based on overseas experience (Professional Development Courses).


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