Business Logistics

Gdańsk School of Banking

This Business Logistics course provide students with up-to-date knowledge, effective methods and practical tools used in enterprises to solve today’s logistics challenges. The curriculum includes modules dedicated both to manufacturers and to logistics, trading and service companies. The aim of the course is to teach the students the latest concepts in logistics process management in the business and retail markets and to provide them with practical knowledge about the use of ERP-, WMS- and TMS-class tools. The course provides comprehensive and practical knowledge at problem-solving workshops concerning logistic flows within the organisation and between partners in the supply chain. The course prepares students for European Logistics Association (ELA) certifying exams at the Jlog level. Students also receive certificates of participation in a logistics management game and certificates of familiarity with ERP WMS – class software. This course is directed to logistics managers and to staff dealing with supply, production, marketing, distribution, transport and storage..


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