Brand management

Gdańsk School of Banking

Brand management is an important aspect of a company’s marketing communication. A strong brand provides a competitive advantage and enables the development of valuable customer relations. Narrative marketing, marketing communication codes, values and emotions are only some of the areas that help build and manage company and product brands. The aim of the course is to train executive staff in the area of brand building and management and to provide the knowledge and tools for brand building based on marketing research, cognitive psychology and consumer psychology. Furthermore, students are acquainted with the tools enabling rebranding and about management based on measurable indicators. Students obtain the knowledge necessary for brand building, management and rebranding. The course puts comprehensive modern marketing knowledge in order, show the possibilities of branding as a part of a company’s marketing strategy and provides the means for marketing specialists and managers to enhance their competence in the area of new internet brand building tools. The course is directed to executive staff, marketing and management graduates who wish to enhance their competence with brand management skills and for administration staff in social communication departments.


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