Gdańsk School of Banking

The Gdańsk School of Banking is the largest non-public college in the Pomeranian Region. The School has two departments in Gdańsk and Gdynia.

The Gdańsk School of Banking offers as many as 9 fields of study: Internal Security, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Logistics, Pedagogy, Law, Business Law, International Relations, Tourism & Recreation and Management. The School’s range of subjects is very diverse and attractive. We offer courses whose completion provides our graduates bachelor’s, engineer or master’s degrees.

Each of our fields of study was introduced following an in-depth analysis of the employment and professional prospects our students can expect upon graduation. This is why all the courses offered by the Gdańsk School of Banking address the current market demands and those in the near future.

Our best students can apply for support, such as scholarships. Furthermore, our college strongly supports its students who decide to work during the course of their studies. The schedule is arranged in such a way that even day students can manage to take up an extra job and gain professional experience.

Most of the subjects we teach are taught in Polish. However, we also offer specialisations taught in English: a bachelor’s course in International Business and Finance and a master’s course in Corporate Finance Management. Moreover, from the beginning and throughout the first year of the course we offer Polish language lessons, which certainly helps during the course.

The Gdańsk School of Banking is active in the international arena. Our active partnerships with 43 colleges in Europe give our students the opportunity to study abroad free of charge under the Erasmus programme.

Our International Relations Office helps students from abroad who decide to study at the Gdańsk School of Banking in Gdańsk or Gdynia ease into our friendly and effective college environment. Our foreign students can count on our help in:

• providing comprehensive information about our college’s offer

• providing information and help in matters concerning the legalisation of residence for foreign nationals

• accustoming themselves to studying at our college

• help from students from senior years

• arranging accommodation

• providing Polish language courses

• organising their free time (numerous trips, team-building events, etc.)

Education offer:

We offer our students

  • by choosing the Gdańsk School of Banking, you can be sure that your diploma will be recognised in the job market
  • all our facilities have rooms equipped with excellent audio-visual equipment and computer labs
  • our curricula are consulted with representatives of the relevant trades so that it best reflects the economic situation
  • we have a flexible fee system, where you get to decide how and when you want to pay for your tuition
  • our college has over 500 business partners; we actively work with the region’s most important companies and institutions
  • the tuition process is organised in such a way that every student can find the time for learning and work
  • state-of-the-art Extranet, Wi-Fi in the college buildings and internet kiosks, where you can always go online
  • our Career Office not only helps our students secure internships and experience, but also organises training courses and workshops
  • various scholarship programmes allow you to limit your spending on tuition fees
  • opportunity to obtain a diploma from a foreign college under the Double Diploma programme


Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa w Gdańsku
al. Grunwaldzka 238a
80-266 Gdańsk


Anna Modrzejewska
phone +48 58 522 77 80