Gdańsk Management College
Faculty of Computer Science and Management
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree

If you like to organise, plan and solve problems, then Management is the subject for you! We learn the difficult art of management all our lives – be open to change and innovation and look to the future! You will acquire knowledge about how economic operators and public institutions work, with special emphasis on the basic functions of management: planning, organising, motivating and monitoring. You will learn the fundamental principles and concepts related to management, economics and marketing in the context of the free market. Dreaming of your own company? Get the knowledge and skills you need to become a success! This Management studies course will prepare you to run your own business and develop an attitude where you will independently broaden your knowledge to ensure its comprehensive development. Create your own business plan, be bold – direct people, negotiate and make your ideas come true –become a manager for the 21st century! In partnerships with businesspeople, we will prepare you for a comprehensive career. You will know how to efficiently and effectively plan, organise and monitor specific tasks and projects. You will achieve concrete learning outcomes which will meet the current demands of the job market both in Poland and abroad. You will develop your practical skills during internships and establish contacts with potential employers.


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