Computer Science

Gdańsk Management College
Faculty of Computer Science and Management
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree

If you want to be among the enthusiasts who want to tackle the challenges of modern computer science – become a computer science engineer! Upon the completion of this course you can successfully find a job with the top IT companies. You can also start up your own business and compete in the market. By studying computer science you will acquire the skills to design and analyse IT systems, create and use databases and to design and operate computer networks and internet services. Develop your knowledge of the latest trends in IT and acquire the profession of the future! Computer Science is a technical science, closely related to mathematics, which deals with the technology of information processing and the building of IT systems. You will learn and develop specialist English skills while learning from the latest specialist literature. Study computer science in you want to learn how to: • plan and carry out simple IT experiments, interpret the results and draw conclusions from them, • formulate algorithms, use programming languages and the appropriate IT tools to control electronic systems, • design and build simple IT systems using the appropriate methods, technologies and tools, • use various operating systems, • work as a computer network administrator.


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