Gdańsk Management College
Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree

You will acquire knowledge about various fields of public, political and economic life. By taking the Administration course, you can plan a future career in public and local government administration, enterprises and international institutions. If you are well up on developing a modern and efficient administration system then this subject is for you. Choose our Administration course if you want to have the theoretical and practical background necessary to work as a thoroughly educated clerk who knows European professional standards and cutting-edge management systems. The teaching process at our Administration course combines theoretical issues with the practical use of legal solutions and the development of management skills in the sphere of public administration. We will teach you how to use normative acts to interpret trends and processes taking place in administration. At the workshops held as part of this course, you will earn how to use standards, ethical, legal and economic regulations and how to resolve controversies resulting from their use. The qualifications you will acquire with this course will enable you to work in public administration, local government, EU, customs or internal revenue services. Choose this subject if you see the need to maintain ethical standards at professional work and public activity, are open to the problems that occur in the sphere of administration and want to creatively seek solutions for the problems you see in the use of law. The cadre of civil servants you may join is ready to actively participate in the development and implementation of various projects, can see the benefits of teamwork and can carry out administration tasks individually and in teams. Graduates of this course in Administration know how to work in an entrepreneurial way, know how to start up a business and how to administrate an economic operator.


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