Sports and Recreation Management

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

The aim of the post-graduate course in Sports and Recreation Management is to train executive staff to organise sports events, manage sports facilities and plan marketing measures. The course provides students with the key competence of a sports and recreation manager and the necessary know-how about raising funds for the preparation and organisation of sports events and the securing of sponsors and public funding. Graduates possess the skills necessary to work as professional sports and recreation managers, to work in sports clubs and federations. Their expanded knowledge and acquired skills allow them to do an excellent job as coaches, instructors and sports event organisers. Graduates of this course will possess the necessary knowledge and skills in: managing commercial sports institutions, sports facilities, sports and recreation centres; sports clubs coaching and management of sports clubs and sports sections in public benefit institutions; brand building for sports institutions; the development and sales of sports products; conduct negotiations concerning the trading and signing of athletes; knowledge of the customary and legal standards in the signing and termination of contracts with clubs and administrators of sports facilities; organising sports events. This course is directed to sportspeople and persons who work in sports clubs, government and local government administration units which manages sport, tourism and recreation, in commercial institutions related to sport and the promotion of individual sports disciplines, in public benefit organisations active in sport and recreation, in culture clubs, holiday centres, agritourism establishments and in other institutions which run sports activities, fitness clubs, and biological renewal centres. The course is also directed to executive staff who manage public and private sports facilities, including fitness clubs, swimming pools, aquaparks, stadiums, sports and entertainment halls, as well as to members of sports clubs, associations and federations and active and retired sportspeople.


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