Public Administration

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

The aim of this post-graduate course in Public Administration is to provide students with current, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the essence of public administration and how it works. The goal of the course is also to prepare the students for work in government, local and economic administration institutions, especially for working in executive roles which require knowledge about how the whole machinery of the state and its individual principle components work. It is important that the students acquire knowledge and skills that are useful in solving real-life problems which challenge public authorities and other organisations working in broadly understood public administration. Graduates are also prepared for the independent improvement and supplementing of their knowledge and skills within the context of increasing processes of integration in Europe. The knowledge and qualifications they acquire will help them work with greater professionalism and expertise. Graduates can find employment in city halls, municipal offices, poviat (county) seats, marshal’s offices, voivodship (regional) offices and in all kinds of broadly understood public administration institutions. The course is directed to persons who wish to acquire knowledge about public administration, both governmental and local, who work in or intend to apply for executive or independent positions in public administration. The course also provides the necessary knowledge for persons who intend to take the qualification exam procedure for civil service.


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