Psychological and Pedagogical Diagnosis and Therapy

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

This Post-Graduate Studies course in Psychological and Pedagogical Diagnosis and Therapy prepares students to run individual and group corrective and compensating (therapeutic) activities with children and young people with special education needs, especially with those that have learning difficulties in school, especially in reading and writing. The course provides the qualifications to conduct psychological and pedagogical therapy (corrective and compensating activities); qualifications in therapy, prophylactics, pedagogical diagnostics, developing educational therapy programmes with the use of the latest pedagogical solutions. The course is directed to teachers, educators, pedagogues and holders of master’s degrees or persons with higher professional education with pedagogical qualifications who are interested in acquiring additional qualifications in therapeutic pedagogy. This is a Postgraduate Qualification Studies course whose completion, in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 17 January 2012, the Order of the Minister of National Education of 12 March 2009 on the detailed requirements concerning teacher qualifications (...) and the Order of 17 November 2010 on psychological-pedagogical aid, gives teachers with pedagogical training the qualifications to work in psychological and pedagogical clinics and therapy day-care rooms, to conduct corrective and compensating activities in schools and educational institutions.


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