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Why is it worth to study Pedagogy? At the beginning of the 21st century we stand before new civilizational challenges resulting from sudden political, social, economic and cultural change, nationally in Europe and throughout the world. The sudden development of many areas in life brings about both benefits and threats. A pedagogue who shows the right ways of development is necessary for people to cope with their new reality. To be a pedagogue is a fascinating challenge of our times. There is also another dimension that makes it worthwhile to study pedagogy. This is the personal dimension, as pedagogy studies cover not only a broad range of knowledge and skills in pedagogy, but also in psychology, sociology, philosophy, the latest communication technologies, art and creativity. Completing a Pedagogy course at the Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities gives graduates wide-ranging possibilities in terms of interesting employment. The school very dynamically reacts to the needs of employers and the rapidly changing job market conditions. First cycle graduates in Pedagogy can further their education by taking a second cycle course or a post-graduate course at the Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities.


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