Occupational Health and Safety

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

Graduates of the Occupational Health and Safety course possess both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to carry out tasks related to Occupational Health and safety. Students learn about work organisation, labour law, know the risks which may appear in a given workplace. They know how to use the methods and principles of eradicating threats in an environment, can run training and legal procedures concerning work-related accidents. Graduates know how to provide first aid to injured persons. With the education they have acquired, Occupational Health and Safety course graduates can find employment as specialists in one-person or group departments in various workplaces, including – after a certain amount of experience – in executive positions. The knowledge and skills they have acquired enables graduates to correctly analyse the threats related to specific stages of economic, development, manufacturing and distribution processes. The acquired skills enable them to assess the degree of threat at given workstations, in the work environment and in the vicinity of the workplace, including during the handling of fuels, chemical substances and hazardous waste. These skills will also prove useful in terms of environmental and social measures and for persons who run high-risk plants. Also important is the graduates’ training in educational and popularising work, whereby they can raise the general social awareness of Occupational Health and safety issues in the workplace. This Post-Graduate Studies course in Occupational Health and Safety is directed to all persons with college degrees who wish to acquire additional qualifications and to persons who intend to improve their professional qualifications in Occupational Health and safety.


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