Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Faculty of Social Sciences
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree

Graduates of this course have general knowledge in dogmatic jurisprudence, combined with basic knowledge concerning negotiation and mediation, social communication and contemporary culture, psychology, philosophy, sociology, accountancy, micro and macroeconomics, the basic of management and business planning, accounting and finance. Graduates can understand legal texts, use the rules of logical thinking, interpret legal regulations, prepare legal arguments and use the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their studies in practice while maintaining professional legal ethics. Graduates are trained to work in broadly understood legal profession and to hold positions in public and non-public institutions and organisations (both domestic and international). Graduates are also prepared to work as mediators in situations, where the current law indicates mediation as the preferred method of settling legal disputes. With a broad curriculum of economics subjects, graduates are prepared to work as counsels, consultants, experts, business partners, managers and financiers in the Polish economy and in the international environment. Graduates know how to co-operate and work in a team, can appropriately set out the priorities to achieve a goal or a purpose defined by themselves and/or by others, can correctly identify and solve problems related to the business they run.


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