Judiciary and Public Prosecution Service Administration

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

Graduates have acquired the professional qualifications necessary to take up employment in the judiciary (judicature, the Bar, the public prosecution service, as notary public’s), in institutions of government and local government administration, in national economy structures, in social and welfare institutions, in tax administration institutions, the police, uniformed services and in other state agencies and European Union institutions. Graduates of the post-graduate course in Judiciary and Public Prosecution Service Administration have advanced knowledge of how the public prosecution service, courts of general jurisdiction and administrative courts work and about the ethical side of working as a court clerk. They know the procedures of penal, civil and administrative law, are familiar with the system regulating the Bar, legal counsellors and notary public’s. They have the ability to write legal correspondence, know the scope of the protection of personal data and confidential information and the issues of administering assets in the judiciary. This course is directed primarily to persons who wish to broaden and supplement their knowledge of judiciary and public prosecution service administration and who already work in such institutions. The course is also dedicated to persons who wish to obtain new knowledge about judiciary and public prosecution service administration and those who intend to seek employment in judiciary and public prosecutions service institutions. The curriculum of the course is made for persons who work or plan to seek employment in the administrative service of the judiciary and the public prosecution service.


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