Internal Security Administration

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

During the post-graduate course in Internal Security Administration students acquire knowledge concerning the general issues of security and public order, about strictly legal issues concerning crisis situations and about crisis situation in the context of ideology, culture, sociology and psychology. The aim of the course is to produce such learning effects for the graduates to demonstrate the following in the job market: the ability to analyse and assess security and public order processes, knowledge about the authority of national and EU institutions and committees in measures concerning internal security, knowledge about the current internal security threats in Poland and throughout the world, knowledge about the current trends in crime in Poland and throughout the world and the ability to use the available tools of international co-operation in the fight against crime. The course is directed primarily to persons who wish to broaden and supplement their knowledge and who already work in public, government and local government administration, the Police, Border Guard, Municipal Guard, Polish Army, Fire Service, in European Union bodies and agencies, in international organisations, in the media, including the electronic media, in private companies, in advertising agencies and as specialist negotiators to solve crisis situations. The course is also directed to persons who wish to obtain new knowledge about public administration and public services, as well as those seeking employment in the above services.


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