English Language Teaching in Early Education (for persons who do not know English)

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

The English Language Teaching in Early Education Post-Graduate Studies course is directed to teachers working in kindergartens and primary schools (grades 0-3) and college majors in preschool and early school education who do not know English. This Post-Graduate Studies course provides the methodological qualifications necessary to teach English at the preschool and early school (Young Learners) level. The curriculum covers classes concerning English language teaching and the issues of foreign language learning in children, English language teaching methodology, workshops and practical English language learning. The course provides English language knowledge and skills and the basic knowledge concerning the methods and principles of English language teaching to preschool and early school children. The course provides the conditions to develop the skills and competence necessary to construct class scenarios and to conduct English classes with children based on correctly chosen language-learning materials and teaching methodology. The course develops the ability to learn and improve one’s teaching competence with the use of modern means and methods of sourcing, organising and processing information. Since the students of this course additionally learn English, the course takes four semesters, one of which is dedicated exclusively to English language learning. English language learning also takes place to a smaller degree over the three other semesters. This Post-Graduate Studies course in English Language Teaching in Early Education is directed to: preschool and early school majors and current kindergarten and early school teachers who do not have the license to teach English in kindergarten or in grades 0-3 of primary school.


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