Economic Process Logistics

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

The aim of the post-graduate course in Economic Process Logistics is to acquaint students with the international concepts of logistics process management. The curriculum also provides practical knowledge which serves to solve logistical problems related to the flow of materials and goods within the company and between partners in the supply chain. Logisticians manage supply chains, logistical networks of supply and distribution, forecast primary demand, plan secondary demand and manage stocks. Logisticians are vital as advisors in enterprises, municipal and government organisations. They take part as e.g. advisors in implementing regional, national and European economic policy. Post-Graduate Studies in Economic Process Logistics is directed to employees of various corporate departments directly or indirectly related to the logistics processes in the enterprise, marketing and supply employees and persons who are interested in logistics and transport issues. The course is directed to those who like new challenges, who want to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge which is prized in the job market and who want to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment in the future. The course provides specialist knowledge about building and managing the logistics systems of enterprises in the EU and also about taking advantage of ICT systems in the supply chain. Students are able to develop practical negotiating and important management decision-making skills.


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