Cultural Activity Organising with Art Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

Graduates of the Cultural Activity Organising with Art Therapy and Occupational Therapy post-graduate course are trained to conduct art therapy activities with children, young people, adults and elderly people, both healthy and with various dysfunctions. Students of the course obtain technical training and knowledge in the methodology to conduct activities with art therapy and occupational therapy. The aim of the course is to equip the graduate with the substantial and methodological knowledge and skills necessary to run art therapy, occupational therapy and cultural management; to teach students various methods and techniques in various areas of art therapy: music, dance, literature, visual arts, drama and theatre; to acquire the skill to find therapeutic qualities in art, stimulate creative activity and support personal development through creative activities in contact with art, develop their ability to use art therapy and occupational therapy techniques in their work with children, young people and adults, both healthy and with disabilities, develop their ability to conduct group activities, communicate, build relationships and co-operation within the group, acquire the ability to diagnose and develop psycho-corrective effects through art therapy and occupational therapy. The course is directed to instructors and organisers of cultural activities; pedagogues, teachers and educators; therapists and medical service staff; occupational therapy workshop instructors and nursing home staff. Furthermore, the course is directed to those who run such activities but do not have the specialist competence and to all those who are interest in acquiring knowledge and skills in art therapy and occupational therapy. The course is also dedicated to tutors in various types of educational institutions, therapists, medical service staff and librarians.


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