Business English

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

This course has the aim to prepare students to work in the English-speaking business environment and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Business English (college graduates in philology). The classes are held by teachers with experience in using business English in special language workshops. For reasons of effectiveness of language use we envisage small student groups. The aim of the course is also to develop the students’ language capabilities, broaden their vocabulary with business terms, improve their fluency and correctness. The academic and practical business knowledge provided by this course will be useful in the workplace and will enhance the graduates opportunities for promotion. The curriculum focuses on the learning of business terminology and phraseology, understanding the basics of business, acquiring business skills, understanding and analysing specialist texts and the mastery of the principles, forms and styles of various corporate letters and communiques. The course also enable students to develop their specialist terminology and knowledge of the basic of management, finance, marketing and law. The course is directed to persons who know English at an intermediate level and who want to develop their language capabilities in the capacity required in business practice, who want to acquire language qualifications in Business English. The course is also for persons who are interested in seeking employment in the European Union, persons who plan on working for companies where Business English is required, English language teachers who are interested in teaching Business English courses, English Philology and Applied Linguistics graduates and graduates of teaching schools interested in Business English.


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