Art and Technology in Primary and Secondary School

Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities
Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

Graduates of the Art and Technology in Primary and Secondary School post-graduate course have a broad knowledge of the visual arts and technology. This Post-Graduate Studies course has the aim to train teachers to run Art and Technology classes in primary and secondary school and to prepare them for independent creative educational art and technology activities in schools and in other educational institutions. The elements of IT which are built into the curriculum enhance the teacher’s working techniques, where they can use new technologies in the teaching process. Graduates of the Art and Technology in Primary and Secondary School course have broad knowledge of art and technology and know how to present them to children and young people in an attractive way. They know contemporary techniques to teach art and technology, to encourage artistic and technical creativity in their students. The course is directed to college graduates, especially to primary and secondary school teachers who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct Art and Technology classes in grades 4 – 6 of primary school and in secondary school. Graduates of this course also have the qualifications necessary to run art and technology classes in non-school education institutions.


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