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There is a long ongoing debate whether pedagogy is a separate discipline of science or rather comprehensive knowledge which facilitates working with people. It seems indisputable, however, that a person who decides to study pedagogy should be very altruistic and convinced that the more they give of themselves to others, the richer their lives become. In the social sciences pedagogical subjects are defined as the science of education. It is an interdisciplinary course which brings together psychology, sociology and philosophy, in combination with the humanities, but also with the medical, economic, technical and other sciences. Such a broad profile of studies is important because a pedagogue has to work in different environments and not only has to know how to build relationships, but also can become a mainstay, or even an example, for others which means that they must first work hard on themselves. It is a profession which places a premium on personality features such as tolerance, patience, optimism, self-control, willingness to constantly strive for self-improvement, having a passion which can intrigue (and often impress) others, not to mention sheer friendliness. The Pedagogy course offers a large number of specialisations, e.g. early school, custodial and labour pedagogy, adult pedagogy and many more, which in theory should prepare the student for their future job, but of course do not limit the possibilities of career opportunities. Pedagogy studies consist of three equally important spheres: interdisciplinary knowledge; methodology, i.e. the knowledge of teaching, of how to work with a child and how to work with an adult, what methods to use; and practice, where one can perfect specific skills under the watchful eye of instructors, especially skills one can learn by watching other teachers and multiple trials.


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