Occupational Health and Safety

Gdańsk School of Higher Education
Professional, Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

This course is directed to persons that are responsible for Occupational Health and safety in enterprises and industrial plants and who supervise Occupational Health and safety services; college graduates who wish to acquire a new professional speciality. The aim of the course is to provide the students with the skills to perform legal and economic analysis of Occupational Health and safety management systems to a degree necessary to independently identify threats and analyse risks and to foresee and identify threats in the workplace environment, to eliminate or mitigate them, to implement a health and safety management system in the workplace; the ability to use computer tools; to be able to take up employment with Occupational Health and safety services in accordance with the Order of the Council of Ministers of 2 September 1997 on Occupational Health and Safety Services (Journal of Laws No. 109, item 704, as amended). A post-graduate diploma which concludes this course give graduates the right, in accordance with the Order of the Council of Ministers of 2 November 2004 on the Occupational Health and Safety Service (Journal of Laws No. 246 of 18 November 2004, item 2468) to serve as Occupational Health and safety inspectors, senior inspectors and senior specialists in enterprises and other organisations following their meeting of additional requirements concerning work experience in Occupational Health and safety services.


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