Deaf Educationand and Education of the Blind

Gdańsk School of Higher Education
Professional, Post-Graduate and Teacher Training School

Graduates of the Deaf Education and Education of the Blind post-graduate course know how to use knowledge and practical skills that make it possible to work with children and young people with optical or auditory disorders and facilitate this work. Educators of the deaf and educators of the blind can educate and rehabilitate persons with developmental dysfunctions, can appropriately communicate, design and carry out individual and group rehabilitation programmes and implement various working methods. The course is directed to teachers, school counsellors and specialists working in all types of schools who wish to acquire the qualifications necessary to work with children, young people and adults with various degrees of developmental vision and hearing dysfunctions. The course is also open to persons with pedagogical training who wish to raise their professional qualifications and thus increase their attractiveness in the job market. The course is also directed to persons with pedagogical training and experience in working with people with developmental dysfunctions but without professional training in this area.


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