Business Coaching in Tourism

Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdańsk

Coaching jest innovative method of instructing people in their development by helping them set out goals for themselves and increasing their ability to achieve these goals. As the most effective tool for development, coaching is fully customised for an individual’s needs and directions of professional development, with special emphasis on natural interpersonal skills. Introducing coaching enables the organisations and staff to develop more efficiently and to achieve more satisfactory results. With an ongoing process of filling in current gaps in competence, coaching is an effective method of generating business success. For any manager in the tourist sector (and not only the tourist sector), coaching is an ongoing process to accelerate the development rate of their HoReCa product, used in order to maintain a high level of motivation and commitment of the staff employed in the tourist facility. The aim of the course is to train high-class specialists, managers responsible for the defining, analysis and directing of the developments in the tourist services business environment. An individual approach to each student via a programme personally timed by an ICC coach is an additional benefit of this course.


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