Graphic Design

Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Faculty of Graphic Design
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree,
full-time second cycle degree

Students acquire interdisciplinary knowledge about the history of culture and civilization, ethics, aesthetics and philosophy. They have the opportunity to develop their technical and artistic skills in the graphic arts and related areas to enable them to create their own art and work in teams. They acquire the ability to use traditional and modern means of artistic expression in graphic art and design. The curriculum combines two paths into a single entity. On the one hand, our graduates find fulfilment in their professional work, as graphic designers with a broad spectrum of market opportunities, on the other hand they are graphic artists who will wrestle with their weaknesses, who will take the path of the lone creator, as artists do. The second cycle course is divided into specialties in Graphic Art and Graphic Design. At the second cycle course we offer the continuation and broadening of the qualifications acquired during the first cycle course. This continuation of studies is inextricably linked with the learning of a broad spectrum of knowledge about art. The independent artistic path of our graduates, preparing them to exhibit their own ingenuity and creativity in taking their own artistic decisions and providing them with the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge is our greatest didactic priority.


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