Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Faculty of Architecture and Design
full-time first cycle degree,
full-time second cycle degree

The first cycle course in Design prepares students to work in product design, design systems and visual communication. The curriculum includes elements of knowledge of general visual arts, art, technique and liberal arts, which together make up a comprehensive methodology of design which is vital to many disciplines of industrial design and applied arts. It also includes the highly valued and sought-after knowledge of digital presentation techniques and computer-aided design. The first cycle course concludes with the completion of a bachelor’s diploma, its public defence and the presentation of a professional portfolio, which document’s the designer’s achievements. First cycle course graduates can find employment in design and implantation teams, advertising agencies, industrial companies, often also as freelancers working with industry as independent artists and designers. The second cycle course in Design is focused on acquiring specialist know-how in areas of design that are sought-after in the market, with consideration for the specificity of the Polish economy and today’s creative industries, including such disciplines as: product design, ergonomic design, ship architecture design, original design, jewellery design, furniture design and visual communication. Graduates of the second cycle course in Design are specialists who understand the mechanisms of a free market economy and are prepared to take advantage of their creative potential in the design and implementation of products, services and comprehensive design solutions.


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