Artistic Education in The Field of Visual Arts

Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Inter-Faculty Institute of the Arts
full-time first cycle degree,
full-time second cycle degree

The first cycle course is a combination of the theory of arts and culture with artistic practice. Graduates possess the knowledge and skills which will enable them to work as an organiser of cultural activities or as an independent artist. They have knowledge and information about contemporary audio-visual (media) culture. By monitoring the careers of our graduates we know that they find employment with state and local government cultural institutions (art galleries, museums, culture centres etc.), but also with advertising agencies, design firms and in Regional Administration Culture Offices. Upon the completion of a second cycle Artistic Education course in the visual arts (speciality: Organising of Cultural Activity, Art Criticism), graduates possess not only basic, but also in-depth knowledge and practical skills (art technique). They are trained to: - work as independent critics, researchers, educators and/or artists; - take up independent art and/or (art) design work. - work as organisers and curators in the visual arts for institutions who professionally deal with art, education and research, such as museums, galleries, art education institutions, culture and art centres. - work as executives of culture and art institutions. - organise and manage cultural projects.


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