Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

Our college was established in 1945 in Sopot as the State Institute of Art. It was initiated by a group of artist friends: Janusz Strzałecki, Krystyna and Juliusz Studnicki, Hanna and Jacek Żuławski, Józefa and Marian Wnuk, who came to the Polish Coast and wanted to rebuild Gdańsk after the destruction of World War II and to restore the city’s artistic life. The new collage’s first academic year was inaugurated on 15 October 1945 with 22 freshman students. By the end of that year the college changed its name to the State Higher School of Fine Arts (later renamed the State Higher School of Art in Gdańsk). The curriculum was based on a close association between painting and sculpture and the applied arts: interior design, furniture design, weaving, ceramics and applied graphic art.

In 1996 our college obtained the status of an Academy of Fine Arts. The same year, we took over the historical building of the Small Armoury, located in Gdańsk’s Old Suburb, and where our Faculty of Sculpture was moved. We launched our bachelor courses in art education, photography, interior design, graphic design and our "architecture + dialogue" post-graduate course.

Since 1998 our school has its own intranet and functions in a network which connects all the colleges and universities in the Tri-City (Gdańsk – Gdynia – Sopot) area. The same year saw the launch of our Academy’s New Annex [Nowa Oficyna] gallery of drawings.

During the 2002/2003 academic year our college received the Erasmus Programme Charter.

With the Resolution of the University Senate of 21 February 2007, the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Design was split up into the Faculty of Painting and the Faculty of Graphic Design.

In 2007 the Faculty of Sculpture was assessed in terms of quality of teaching at the uniform master’s level and received an excellent grade from the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Education offer:

We offer our students

  • an experienced and award-winning staff
  • a selection of as many as 7 courses in the 2014/2015 academic year, including for the first time Cultural Landscape Design first- and second-cycle degree studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Design
  • a thriving international exchange within the LLP/Erasmus programme
  • a great deal of interesting indoor and plein-air workshops
  • spacious and well-equipped studios
  • new unusual specialities: Art in Public Space at the Faculty of Painting, Graphic Art and Graphic Design at the Faculty of Graphic Design and Sculpture Reconstruction at the Faculty of Sculpture


Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Gdańsku
ul. Targ Węglowy 6
80-836 Gdańsk


Faculty of Painting Dean’s Office
(Education Organisation Section)
Justyna Zorn MA
e-mail: justyna.zorn@asp.gda.pl
tel. +48 58 301 28 01 ext. 74

Faculty of Architecture and Design Dean’s Office
(Education Organisation Section)
Agnieszka Nawrot M. Sc. Eng.
e-mail: agnieszka.nawrot@asp.gda.pl
tel.+48 58 301 28 01 w. 71
fax.+48 58 301 22 00

Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia Dean’s Office
(Education Organisation Section)
Jolanta Sopolińska
e-mail: jolanta.sopolinska@asp.gda.pl
tel. +48 58 305 81 66

Faculty of Graphic Design Dean’s Office
(Education Organisation Section)
Magdalena Ceran M. Sc. Eng.
e-mail: magdalena.ceran@asp.gda.pl
tel. +48 58 320 15 04

Inter-Faculty Institute of the Arts
(Education Organisation Section)
Janina Damaszke
e-mail: janina.damaszke@asp.gda.pl
tel. +48 58 301 28 01 ext. 55